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Neurodiverse Couples Therapy in Texas

Helping Neurodiverse Couples Bridge the Gaps in Communication, Understanding, and Intimacy

So many neurodiverse couples enter therapy with high hopes only to leave feeling discouraged and hopeless because what works for most couples doesn’t work for them.

I offer specialized care for neurodiverse couples to help them communicate clearly, understand deeply, and connect intimately.


It can seem like you and your partner are speaking completely different languages. What seems obvious to one of you seems to elude the other entirely. You walk away from the same conversation and have two totally different ideas of what happened.

How is this possible? More importantly, what can you do about it?

Couples counseling for neurodiverse couples can help the two of you learn to communicate in a way that the other person can hear and respond.

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Communication aside, you and your partner just don’t seem to “get” each other. It’s like you’re from two different planets. Perhaps you feel like you don’t really know your partner at all, that there are parts of them that they seem to keep hidden away, even from you.

Counseling can help you gain more insight into yourself as well as your partner. Everything becomes easier when a couple understands more clearly what is going on both within and between them.

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Intimacy is a challenge in most long-term relationships, but it can be especially tricky for neurodiverse couples. How can you both feel satisfied when you seem to have such different levels of need for connection and intimacy in the relationship?

Sex therapy for neurodiverse couples takes into account the unique challenges that arise when two different brains meet.

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Hi, I’m Mark Cagle

I am a licensed professional counselor in Dallas who specializes in working with neurodiverse couples both in-person and online throughout the state.

Whether you (or your partner) has a diagnosis, self-identifies, or are just beginning to explore the possibility of being neurodivergent, I can help.

Neurodivergent couples (and the people in them) have unique strengths and challenges that aren’t served by traditional marriage counseling. It’s not unusual for a couple to come to me after having been to therapy before; the record so far was five times! They keep trying and keep trying because they just aren’t getting what they need, and they love their partner dearly and want the relationship to work… for both of them.

Maybe things seemed better for a time, but they slip back into the same patterns and routines that brought them to therapy in the first place. I’ve heard on more than one occasion that a couple quit therapy because they didn’t feel heard and understood.

My hope is that you’ll both feel seen and heard here… by me, and with time, by each other as well.

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